Ready to increase your online sales and get new leads with Facebook Ads?  


Think Facebook Doesn’t Work for You?

If you’ve tried Facebook ads and felt they didn’t work for you, or would like to see how they can increase sales or deliver leads, you’re in the right place.

Glowfly Marketing offers both Done For You and Done With You Facebook ads management. We can work as your “virtual team” or assist your in-house social team with all aspects of paid social marketing. Work with us and watch your business grow.


Done For You

Facebook and Instagram ads are complicated to learn if you want to reach your target audience and move beyond an occasional boosted post. We have the experience to take your goals and make them a reality. Start with a 3 month trial.

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Done With You

Maybe you’re doing okay, but feel like something is off or your campaigns just aren’t working like they used to. We’ll work beside you to look at your campaign objectives, audience targeting, ad creative, and landing pages.  Sometimes you just need another set of eyes.

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Content Creation

To stand out in a crowded marketplace as an industry leader you need a message. But producing content is time-consuming. We have experienced outdoor and travel industry writers who can craft a message that will get you noticed. Discover the power of words!

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Audience Targeting

Are your ads reaching the right audience? Besides choosing the right objective, audience targeting can make or break a campaign.


Our Facebook Ads framework includes custom tracking inside Google Analytics. Accurately tracking your campaigns is key to making informed media buying decisions.  


Content Marketing

Expertly communicated stories lead to increased sales. Sometimes you need the 1000 words with the picture.