Does your digital marketing reach its target audience?     


Digital advertising can help you hit your mark...  

You want more leads and customers walking through your doors, but you need help finding them.

You've tried posting on Facebook, and maybe considered some advertising, but who has the time? And to be honest,  it often seems like no one's paying attention, and it's just dang complicated...   

We can help!  

It's not rocket science, but there is an art and a strategy behind digital marketing.  We know how to assess your website to make sure you've got the foundation in place that's necessary to succeed. 
 -- And then we bring out the arsenal !
The competitive difference-makers that your competition probably don't even know about. There's a lot we can do that's surprisingly simple.

And before you know it, you'll have more visits to your site, people completing your forms, and customers heading to your business!  

Contact me for a  free mini-consultation.   With just a few strategic questions, we can get started to create a plan that fits your needs. 


“I know marketing is critical for the growth of my business. And I have plenty of time for it.”

— Said NO LOCAL business owner eveR


I <3 Facebook!


Is Facebook advertising the secret sauce for your business? Honestly, you won't know until you try, but it's proven to be the most cost effective way for small businesses to target their exact customers.

I'll work with you to understand your goals, define a strategy, and have your phone ringing  off the hook in no time.

Yes, please...

There's no good reason for this photo to be here, other than who doesn't love a cute dog with a frisbee!

Want to Stand Out?

Have you ever wondered how to get noticed in the digital world, where it's easy to get lost in the noise?  

Facebook Messenger Ads are a rare opportunity.

It's not often you have the chance to try something entirely new to connect with your target audience. Something everyone else isn't already doing.

And a chance to create a personal connection.

Your potential customers view your ad  then opt-in to receive messages from you (much like email).  But the messages are more interactive and  a lot more targeted and personal. 

Wanna try? Message me to learn more.


Marketing Trends for 2017


of  location-based mobile searches result in an offline purchase. That's $ in your business pocket. 


of U.S. mobile users are on Facebook Messenger - making it the leading messaging app. Your customers are on here too.


average cost per click for Facebook advertising in the U.S.  A cost-effective way to reach a very targeted group of potential customers.


Why Glowfly?

Dina Pruitt, Owner - Glowfly Marketing

Dina Pruitt, Owner - Glowfly Marketing

If you're looking for a relationship, a partner who cares  (aren't we all?) and someone who can make a real difference in your business, you're in the right place.

I'll use my strategic consulting and website management experience (nearly two decades!) to drive more leads and sales to your business with my complete local search strategy.   

I know what it takes to get your website ranking, and your business showing up so it gets noticed.   Together we'll develop a digital marketing strategy that's customized for you at an affordable price.  Let's connect!

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